Systems Testing/QA Specialist (RQ07578)

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Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery (former MGCS)


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Responsibilities: Provides advice on the testing strategy, test plans, the selection of testing tools, and the identification of resources required for testing Plans and organizes testing efforts for large syst.m. in Graphical User Interface (GUI) and non-Graphical User Interface (GUI) enviro.m.nts, including the execution of syst.m. integration tests, specialized tests, and user acceptance testing (e.g., stress tests) The Quality Assurance Specialist is responsible for the develo.m.nt of test plans, test scripts and test cases and executing these against the various c.m.onents. The tester will work with the testing lead and IT lead of each project as well as the project te.m.m.m.ers in the analysis, design, develo.m.nt, .m.l.m.ntation and ongoing support of the required syst.m. General Skills: Experience in planning, organizing and .m.l.m.nting testing efforts at the specified experience level Knowledge of structured.m.thodologies for the develo.m.nt, design, .m.l.m.ntation and.m.intenance of applications Knowledge and experience in the use of C.m.uter Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools and data query tools to aid in the develo.m.nt of test cases Knowledge and experience in the use of aut.m.ted test tools and version control syst.m. on one platfo.m. Experience executing functional tests, non-functional tests and syst.m. level integration tests Experience supporting user acceptance testing and participating in UAT activities Experience with quality assurance principles, practices, tools and structured.m.thodologies Experience creating testing strategy doc.m.ntation, test plans, test cases and test data for various types and phases of testing, including technical and business functional validation Experience in quality assurance and testing, including unit testing, integration testing, load testing, perfo.m.nce testing, etc. Knowledge and experience in all phases of the Syst.m. Develo.m.nt Life Cycle Excellent analytical, probl.m.solving and decision.m.king skills; organizational, creativity and perseverance skills; verbal and written c.m.unication skills; and interpersonal skills A te.m.player with a track record for.m.eting deadlines Knowledge of one aut.m.ted testing tools Desirable Skills: Knowledge and experience in at least one language Experience in the use of info.m.tion retrieval packages Knowledge and understanding of testing.m.thods in an object-oriented enviro.m.nt Knowledge and understanding of Info.m.tion Manag.m.nt principles, concepts, policies and practices. Knowledge and understanding of Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA) and related regulations and standards Experience planning and organizing testing efforts for both large and .m.ll syst.m. Experience coding aut.m.ted test scripts to produce sets of aut.m.ted test cases Experience testing C.m.ercial Off-the Shelf Applications (COTS)

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<div class="test-id__field-label-container slds-fo.m.el.m.nt__label” data-aura-rendered-by=”807:1254;a”>Experience Requir.m.nts

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Required Technical Skills and 10+ years of experience in the following:


•        QA experience:  40%

<span style=" S.m.ol;”>·      10+ years of experience with DevOps/Agile/Scr.m.Methodology working with Web and Mobile technologies, as well as different OS/Platfo.m.

<span style=" S.m.ol;”>·      10+ years of experience with different.m.nual testing types: Syst.m. testing, Mobile, AODA and UAT testing have)

<span style=" S.m.ol;”>·      Solid experience creating Test Strategy/Test Plan doc.m.nt

<span style=" S.m.ol;”>·      10+ years of hands-on experience with BRD: analyzing business requir.m.nts and creating test data requir.m.nts have)

<span style=" S.m.ol;”>·      Extensive experience with preparing detailed test cases to test functionality

<span style=" S.m.ol;”>·      Proven experience with identifying bugs in software; excellent ability to doc.m.nt and explain bugs/issues to Dev and business te.m.

<span style=" Calibri, sans-serif;”>•       Solid experience with triaging defects, participating and leading triage.m.etings, and producing defect s.m.ary reports

Technical experience: 25%

<span style=" Calibri, sans-serif;”>•       Hands on experience with various defect tracking tools such as HP ALM and DevOps

<span style=" Calibri, sans-serif;”>•       Experience creating test cases and test scenarios in HP ALM and DevOps

<span style=" Calibri, sans-serif;”>•       Testing tools and techniques:

<span style=" Calibri, sans-serif;”>-         AODA – JAWS, VoiceOver or other industry leading tools

Project experience:   25%

<span style=" S.m.ol;”>·      Previous experience with Driver, Vehicle and Health services in ServiceOntario web portal have)

<span style=" S.m.ol;”>·      Experience with Canada Post Address.m.dule, Web Content Manag.m.nt and Gover.m.nt Pa.m.nt Gateways have)

<span style=" S.m.ol;”>·      Experience with statistics tools, e.g. Google Analytics and Crystal reports have)

AODA experience:   10%

<span style=" Calibri, sans-serif;”>•       C.m.rehensive Knowledge of WCAG 2.0 success criteria for level A, AA, AAA

<span style=" Calibri, sans-serif;”>•       Extensive hands-on experience with Techniques, Methodology, tools to test accessibility for web and.m.bile applications have)

<span style=" Calibri, sans-serif;”>•       Hands-on experience with accessibility testing using keyboard only, as well as via industry leading assistive technology tools have)

<span style=" Calibri, sans-serif;”>•       Experience testing PDFs, Word doc.m.nts for accessibility

<span style=" Calibri, sans-serif;”>•       Experience generating AODA testing reports

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<div class="test-id__field-label-container slds-fo.m.el.m.nt__label” data-aura-rendered-by=”830:1254;a”>Supplier C.m.ents

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Req Closing Date/T.m.
2024-06-14, 10:00 a.m.

Max no of su.m.ssion– 1(one)

Candidate needs to be in office – 3 days in a week

Must have skills: